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Department of Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad


Researchers from the department publish regularly in reputed Journals in IEEE, Elsevier, and other publications societies. Some of these publications can be found below:

Publication list :
1 Saraswati Kulkarni and Ruma Ghosh “CuO–ZnO pn junctions for accurate prediction of multiple volatile organic compounds aided by machine learning algorithms”, Analytica Chimica Acta, 1253, 341048, 2023
2 Guruprasad Gorthala and Ruma Ghosh “Molybdenum Carbide Nanoflakes Synthesized using a Facile Method for 2-Nitrotoluene Sensing at Room Temperature”, IEEE Sensors Journal, 23 (6), 5543 - 5551, 2023
3 Aswani Raj K, Sowmya Joshi, Ruma Ghosh, Rajeswara Rao M. “Structural tailoring of semiconducting tetrazine polymers based immobilizing matrix for superior electronic biosensing of carcinoembryonic antigen”, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2023,
4 Ajul Dinesh and Ameer K. Mulla, “Reduced-Order Min-Max Guaranteed Cost Control for Finite-Time Boundedness of Uncertain Linear Systems Using Output Feedback,” IEEE Control Systems Letters, vol. 7, pp. 637-642, 2023.
5 Khadirnaikar, S., Shukla, S. K., & Prasanna, S. R. M. (2023). Integration of Pan-cancer Multi-omics Data for Novel Mixed Subgroup Identification using Machine Learning Methods.
6 Khadirnaikar, S., Shukla, S. K., & Prasanna, S. R. M. Machine Learning Based Combination of Multiomics Data for Subgroup Identification in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer, Sci Rep 13, 4636 (2023).
7 K. Chakravarthi, P. Bhui, N. K. Sharma and B. C. Pal, "Real Time Congestion Management Using Generation Re-Dispatch: Modeling and Controller Design," in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 2189-2203, May 2023, doi: 10.1109/TPWRS.2022.3186434.
1 Mrinmoy Bhattacharjee, S.R.M. Prasanna, and Prithwijit Guha, "Clean vs. Overlapped Speech-Music Detection using Harmonic-Percussive Features and Multi-Task Learning", accepted for IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech Language Processing, Mar 2022.
2 Sandeep K. Pandey, H. S. Shekhawat and S. R. M. Prasanna “Attention gated tensor neural network architectures for speech emotion recognition”, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, vol. 71, Part A, Doi:, Jan, 2022.
3 Venkata Raghavendra I, Satish Naik , Ajmal Muhammed, and Anindya Ray “Modular Bidirectional Solid-State DC Circuit Breaker for Next-Generation Electric Aircrafts” , IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, May 2022. DOI: 10.1109/JESTPE.2022.3176929.
4 Nandakumar S, Venkata Raghavendra I, Ajmal Muhammed, Satish Naik , Rajashekara Kaushik “A Modular Bidirectional Solid State DC Circuit Breaker for LV and MVDC Grid Applications” , IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, May 2022. DOI: 10.1109/JESTPE.2022.3177248.
5 Venkata Raghavendra I, Satish Naik , and Sreekanth T “Modified z-Source DC Circuit Breaker with Enhanced Performance during Commissioning and Reclosing” , IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol. 37, Issue. 1, pp 910 - 919, January 2022. DOI: 10.1109/TPEL.2021.3092773.
6 Faheem Ul Haq, Pratyasa Bhui, and Kotakonda Chakravarti, “Real Time Congestion Management Using Plug in Electric Vehicles (PEV’s): A Game-Theoretic Approach”, accepted in IEEE Access. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3167847
7 Saraswati Kulkarni, Srividya Kummara, Guruprasad Gorthala, Ruma Ghosh, “CuO Nanoflake-Based Sensors for Detecting Linalool, Hexanal, and Methyl Salicylate”,2 (6), 1285-1291, 2022
8 Aswani Raj K, Guruprasad Gorthala, Ruma Ghosh, Rajeswara Rao M. “Tetrazine-based 1D polymers for the selective chemiresistive sensing of nitrogen dioxide via the interplay between hydrogen bonding and n-heteroatom interactions”, Nature Polymer Journal, 54 (10), 1191-1201, 2022
9 Sowmya Joshi, Shashidhar Kalappa, Pranjal Kumar, Sudhanshu Shukla, Ruma Ghosh, “Simple diagnosis of cancer by detecting CEA and CYFRA 21-1 in saliva using electronic sensors”, Scientific Reports, 12, 15315, 2022.
10 Guruprasad Gorthala, Ruma Ghosh “Ultra-Fast NO2 Detection by MoS2 Nanoflakes at Room Temperature”, IEEE Sensors Journal, 22 (15), 14727-14735, 2022.
11 Sowmya Joshi, Aswani Raj K., Rajeswara Rao M, Ruma Ghosh “An electronic biosensor based on semiconducting tetrazine polymer immobilizing matrix coated on rGO for carcinoembryonic antigen”, Scientific Reports, 12 (1), 1-14, 2022.
12 Harini Grama Srinath, Mrinal Rana, and Naveen Mysore Balasubramanya. "Grant-Free Access for mMTC: A Performance Analysis Based on Number of Preambles, Repetitions, and Retransmissions." IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2022.
13 Kumar, P., Khadirnaikar, S. R., Bhandari, N., Chatterjee, A., & Shukla, S. K. An Epithelial-Mesenchymal plasticity signature identifies two novel LncRNAs with the opposite regulation. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 1730.
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